Phoenix Safe LAT3W44 44" 3 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet

Phoenix Safe LAT3W44 44" 3 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet

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Phoenix Safe LAT3W44 44" 3 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet

The Phoenix LAT3W44: The Fortress, the Legend, the Phoenix

They say a Phoenix is a bird of fire a bird that combusts and renews its life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. What people don't know is that the Phoenix is not just a bird; it can also take the form of an impenetrable storage solution. With such important documents and goods in your office space, you need a legend for protection. That's where the Phoenix LAT3W44 comes in.

The Core of a Phoenix isn't Fire

While the core of this Phoenix may not be fire, fire was kept in mind for this filing cabinet's production. The core of this Phoenix is actually insulation; with separate, insulated drawers lined with steel jackets to keep insulation locked in, you're getting the maximum amount of fire resistance and protection possible. This insulated Phoenix also comes with stability. Each individual drawer has a three-way suspension system to support the strength of the drawers and stability. This gives you smooth drawer movement even when the drawer is at full capacity. Traditional documents and digital documents on computer storage units (CD, DVD, USB drive, etc.) are all protected with this Phoenix LAT3W44.

Out of the Ashes Rises the Phoenix

This is where the Phoenix LAT3W44 lives up to its name. As a Phoenix file cabinet, your storage will also come with the following:

  • A 1-Hour 350 fire rating for documents and paper. During fire testing, the Phoenix LAT3W44 was exposed to temperatures of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for fire, and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for explosions. With the 350 fire rating, your Phoenix filing cabinet will rise up from the blaze with all of your documents and goods safe and secure in the event of a fire.
  • The Phoenix Labyrinth sealing system. As a non-traditional Phoenix, this storage cabinet can also withstand water damage. The special gaskets of the sealing system of this storage system prevents water damage; if your filing cabinet were exposed to water, your Phoenix file cabinet will protect your documents and goods.
  • Impact resistance to falls of up to 30 feet on pavement rubble along with being able to withstand a reheating. This is where your Phoenix file cabinet will truly rise from the ashes. In the event of a building fire where the floor gives out, if your file cabinet crashes to the ground, or is crushed by debris, your documents are still perfectly shielded from harm.
  • A lock and two keys with the ability to control how the filing cabinet opens.

The Warranties of a Phoenix

In the event of a fire in your workspace, if your Phoenix file cabinet is affected, you can get a free replacement with the Lifetime After-a-Fire Warranty. This truly is your Phoenix rising! Your Phoenix file cabinet also comes with a three year Parts and Labor Warranty that covers your entire cabinet, lock included.

If you have any questions regarding the Phoenix LAT3W44 44" 3 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet, please call us today at 800-207-2259!


  • Three drawer lateral model.
  • Can file legal and letter size paper.
  • Durable textured paint finish in black, putty or light gray.
  • Recessed drawer pulls.
  • Key-operated plunger lock for security.
  • Impact-resistant for 30-foot drops.
  • Lock any number of drawers and leave the rest unlocked for customizable privacy.
  • Independent drawer insulation protects closed drawers if one is open during a fire.
  • Inner steel jackets cover insulation and block access via unlocked compartments.
  • Class 350 - 1 hour fire resistant.
  • MTC Grade B rating protects CDs, DVDs, USB's and memory sticks.
  • Resists explosions of up to 2000 degrees F.
  • Labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage.
  • Class 125 media insert available to protect data tapes and cartridge.