Phoenix Safe LAT2W38 38" 2 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet

Phoenix Safe LAT2W38 38" 2 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet

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Phoenix Safe LAT2W38 38" 2 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet

Store Your Important Documents in the Phoenix LAT2W38 Filing Cabinet

Important documentation is just that important. With these types of files and papers, it is imperative to buy the proper storage. The Phoenix LAT2W38 Filing Cabinet offers superior security and protection from water and fire disasters. Phoenix Safe International knows that accidents can happen, and they leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting your vital documents.

Consider the Phoenix LAT2W38 Filing Cabinet

This 32 inch, 2-drawer filing cabinet weighs in at 483 lbs and includes a lock-and-key feature, with two keys, ensuring your documents the highest security. Measuring in at 28.75"H x 38.777"W x 23.625"D externally, and 10.5"H x 32.5"W x 15"D per drawer, this filing cabinet is a handsome choice for any office. You can rest easy knowing that your documents are perfectly safe from any accident that could happen in the workplace.

Phoenix LAT2W38 Filing Cabinet Protection and Service

Forget about what you've learned about the average filing cabinet. The Phoenix LAT2W38 was designed with you in mind. Each drawer is created as separate containers with inner steel jackets for insulation. If there is an emergency in your office, these separate, insulated cabinets add extra protection; if a drawer is accidentally left open and there is a fire, you can be rest assured that your documentation in the other drawers will not be harmed. For an extra security bonus, the separate drawer design prevents any access to the rest of the cabinet should one drawer be left open. But that's not all - this Phoenix filing cabinet comes with:

  • 1-Hour 350 fire rating for documents and paper. During rigorous fire tests, this filing cabinet was exposed to temperatures of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for explosions. Under these test conditions, files and papers stored in the cabinet remained safe.
  • The Phoenix Labyrinth sealing system. As water can also be detrimental to documents, the special gaskets of the sealing system prevent water damage.
  • Impact resistance to falls of 30 feet on pavement and rubble, along with being able to withstand reheating. This test is to simulate the event of a fire, wherein the roof gives out and crushes the filing cabinet.
  • Computer storage guarantee. The Phoenix LAT2W38 is also capable of protecting your documentation in digital format. The cabinet has been tested and proven to protect CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and memory cards.

The Phoenix LAT2W38 Warranties

This storage cabinet comes with a Three-Year Parts and Labor warranty on the whole cabinet, lock included. This cabinet also boasts a Lifetime After-a-Fire Replacement Warranty. In the event of a fire, if your filing cabinet was affected, it will be replaced at no charge to you.

If you have any questions regarding the Phoenix Safe LAT2W38 38" 2 Drawer Lateral Size Fire File Cabinet, please call us today at 800-207-2259!


  • Two drawer lateral model.
  • Can file legal and letter size paper.
  • Durable textured paint finish in black, putty or light gray.
  • Recessed drawer pulls.
  • Key-operated plunger lock for security.
  • Impact-resistant for 30-foot drops.
  • Lock any number of drawers and leave the rest unlocked for customizable privacy.
  • Independent drawer insulation protects closed drawers if one is open during a fire.
  • Inner steel jackets cover insulation and block access via unlocked compartments.
  • Class 350 - 1 hour fire resistant.
  • MTC Grade B rating protects CDs, DVDs, USB's and memory sticks.
  • Resists explosions of up to 2000 degrees F.
  • Labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage.
  • Class 125 media insert available to protect data tapes and cartridge.