GLADIATOR® 30" Wall Gearbox GAWG302DZW

GLADIATOR® 30" Wall Gearbox GAWG302DZW

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The 30" Gladiator® Select Wall GearBox comes with heavy-duty welds for ease of installation and long-lasting durability. The stylish, highly versatile Everest White finish fits into any environment as your storage needs change. When installed on Gladiator® GearWall® Panels or GearTrack® Channels with the included hanger bracket, this storage cabinet is simple to reposition.

  • 30" W x 30" H x 12" D
  • Holds up to 200 lbs. per cabinet and 50 lbs. per shelf
  • An assortment of hooks and bins help organize your living space
  • Everest White ideal for garage or interior use
  • Two adjustable shelves for storage versatility

30" W x 30" H x 12" D

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