A Beautiful House With Black Modern Interior

Black exterior is usually seen in a modern home design. However, what about if there is a black hues for interior design? Dont think that it will create a dark room, because it creates huge impact on the interior to appear modern and elegant. White, black, wood elements are combined well for this house.


The interior is done with open layout concept that living space, dining space, and kitchen share the same area. Though black take big part of the house design, but it looks awesome. Since it uses black hues, it can be combined well with other elements.


Look at this space with dining and living room that has direct access to the backyard too. With sliding glass doors and glass windows this area looks bright. Even, the owner also can enjoy the beauty of backyard view.


Come closer to the dining space, it looks elegant with rectangular wooden table and black chairs. The kitchen is done with black cabinet with a black ladder accent. Then, it uses black tile for beautifying backsplash.


This is a part of kitchen space that filled with black hues as well. There is sinks with dark wooden countertop. Further it has two different faucets. Unique pendants with wooden cover hung over the sinks that look sophisticated.


From this area we get a glimpse of tiny courtyard outside. It is done with grey cement flooring and tow kinds of staircases. The first staircase made of concrete with wooden countertop. Then, the second one is made of black materials. Oh look! There is a hidden storage underneath that made of wood.


Black hues all over with cool bulbs look in contrast but real amazing look. It has white bathtub with unique tray for a spa-like bathroom. A floating toilet completes this room function. Then, the glass windows give more natural light.


Another bathroom is done with colorful striped wall tiles. Dont worry! It still applies black tiles on the floor and a part of wall. White lavatory, white bathtub, and white sink are there to look sleek and clean. There is rectangular mirror as well. Can you find it?


Outdoor dining area also has black elements as you can see form the picture above. There is black table and chairs that look contrast to the bright flooring. Even the hedge is made of black materials as well that cause mysterious look but elegant.


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